Micro SD Memory Card Green Series Micro SD Memory Card Green Series

Elevate your computing experience with the OSCOO Memory Card for Security Cameras, Tablets PCs, Cameras, Drones, Android etc. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, this cutting-edge storage solution brings new life to your experiences.

  • Class10
Speed Level:
  • 16GB U1
  • 32GB-256GB U3
Read Speed:
  • Up to 85MB/s
  • Security Cameras
  • Tablets PCs
  • Cameras
  • Android
  •  Drones
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Form Factor Micro SD Card
Capacities 16GB|32GB|64GB|128GB|256GB
Chip USB3.0 TF Inkdie
Material Plastic
Read Speed Up to 85MB/S
Speed Level 16GB: U1
32GB-256GB: U3
Color Green
Compatible Tablet PC, MP3, Phone, GPS, DVR, wifi camera, IP camera, smart phone, car dvr, drone, camera

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