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As a frequent visitor to the Hong Kong Electronics Show, OSCOO will still appear in Hong Kong at the 2018 Spring Electronics Show. As a well-known storage product processing and manufacturing enterprise in mainland China and an emerging consumer electronics brand, OSCOO has attracted a lot of popularity at the two exhibitions. , storing new DDR4 memory sticks, and PCIE SSD became popular hotspots at the exhibition.

In this Hong Kong Electronics Fair, OSCOO still landed at the Global Sources Brand Electronics Fair and the TDC Electronics Fair brand corridor with absolute confidence.

Global Sources Brand Electronics Exhibition is led by three men from OSCOO. As one of the few storage consumer electronics exhibitors at this brand electronics exhibition, OSCOO's booth has received widespread attention from friends at home and abroad.
As a professional exhibitor at the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition, OSCOO Technology provided professional product selection and product consulting services to customers at the Global Sources Exhibition from October 11 to October 14, 2018. This OSCOO exhibition brings together mainstream storage products and flash memory products in the current IT industry, attracting widespread attention from domestic and foreign customers.

This year's OSCOO Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition displays a full range of SSD products including 2.5-inch SATA3 SSD ; MSATA SSD ; M.2 (2242 2260 2280) SSD ; PCI-E SSD ; mobile SSD , etc. DDR3 (PC/NB); DDR4 (PC/NB); and DDR4 vest strips and other memory products. In terms of flash memory products, USB2.0/3.0, TYPE-C USB , MICARO USB (OTG) , Apple U disk and other products. This exhibition also added memory card products such as TF cards (color cards).

What needs special emphasis is that the limited edition 2.5-inch SSD exhibited by OSCOO at this exhibition uses a special process for its shell. In addition to being more colorful and beautiful, the heat dissipation effect is also more outstanding than that of previous SSD products.

Let me bring you some photos of high-quality products from this year’s OSCOO Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition, just for your appreciation~

OSCOO always adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and uses its greatest efforts to make the best products to serve its customers and consumers. At the same time, we also thank everyone for your attention to OSCOO. Your support is our driving force for moving forward! We will definitely use practical actions and better products and services to give back to every friend who supports us.

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