OSCOO Won Cost-effective Storage Brand in India, August 2021

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On August 20, 2021, at the 13th NCN-ICT Summit and 2021 Innovative Product Awards Ceremony held at the Suryaa Hotel in New Delhi, India, Shenzhen AOSCO Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Cost-Effective Storage Brand" award.

NCN is a well-known B2B media currently ranked No. 1 in India, and has a strong influence in the Indian ICT channel market. In the past 13 years, NCN has organized awards for innovative products such as computers, storage, and networking. Qualifications for the award: the market continues to expand year by year; quality assurance; after-sales protection; customer satisfaction.

Mr. Sanjay, Business Director of OSCO India Branch, said, "Winning this award demonstrates the importance of the OSCOO brand in the Indian ICT industry. This is also a recognition of the quality of OSCOO's products."

OSCOO storage product series won this honor for its continuous market expansion year by year, low rework and high customer satisfaction.

ICT Channel Providers from all over India participated in this highly regarded awards event.

OSCOO has always served global customers with quality, won users' trust with products, and is committed to becoming a world-renowned storage brand. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.

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