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Shenzhen OSCOO Tech Co., Limited, founded in 2004, is a reputable and innovative manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge computer peripherals.

As a leading provider of storage solutions, our product range encompasses a diverse array of premium products, including SSD, DDR memory, USB flash drives, and more.

At OSCOO, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and independent research and development.

Our vision is to lead the storage industry and establish ourselves as a national brand.

Our globally recognized brands, "OSCOO" and "MemoryGhost," have garnered significant popularity and acclaim both domestically and internationally.

Our dedication to quality has earned us esteemed titles, including National High-Tech Enterprise, Shenzhen SRDI enterprise, and Contract-Abiding and Credit-Valuing Enterprise in Guangdong Province. Additionally, we are esteemed members of the Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee, and we hold ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

Operating from a cutting-edge 4,000-square-meter factory, equipped with over 20 production lines, OSCOO ensures efficient and streamlined manufacturing processes.

With a global impact, OSCOO products are exported to over 80 countries, and we have successfully established subsidiaries in India, Dubai, Iran, and other regions.

Through relentless pursuit of self-owned intellectual property rights, we have filed over 100 patent applications, enabling us to develop a comprehensive value chain that adds significant value to our brand.

Moving forward, OSCOO remains steadfast in our commitment to independent research and development, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and core competencies.

Our aim is to empower the storage industry ecosystem and make meaningful contributions to our partners, nation, and humanity.

At OSCOO, our passion drives us to connect the digital world with high-quality and innovative products. Join us in embracing the future of storage, as we empower individuals, businesses, and institutions to thrive in the digital landscape.

Experience the future of storage with OSCOO, your one-stop bridge to memory.

  • 2004

    Established in 2004

  • 80 +

    Market 80+

  • 100 +

    Patent 100+

  • 150 +

    Company Staff 150+

  • 4000

    Company Area 4000㎡

Corporate Culture

  • Company Vision

    To be the leading manufacturer in storage technology, redefining the way data is stored and accessed.

  • Company Mission

    Devoting our talent and technology to create superior storage products and services that empower individuals, businesses, and institutions, while contributing to the advancement of a better global society

  • Company Value

    Excellence, Customer-Centricity, Integrity, Collaboration, Sustainability.

  • Brand Positioning

    Providing reliable and high-performance storage solutions as a trusted manufacturer of SSDs, DDR memory, and USB flash drives.

Development History


OSCOO was established, marking its entry into the storage solutions industry


Obtained ISO9001 and ISOISO14001certification, ensuring standardized product quality and production processes.


Over 100 independent intellectual property rights, including numerous domestic and international technology patents.


Recognized as “National High-Tech Enterprise”


Established subsidiaries in India, Dubai, and Iran


Honored with the prestigious "Most Popular Brand Award" in India
Demonstrated its remarkable growth, commitment to excellence, and influence in the Indian market, solidifying its position as one of the most trusted and popular brands in the storage industry.


OSCOO Brand penetrates markets in over 80 countries and regions, expanding its global footprint and enhancing its international influence


Joined the Information Technology Application Innovation Work Committee, becoming a part of China's information technology industry.


Honored as one of the first batch of Shenzhen SRDI enterprise, further validating its commitment to excellence and innovation in the storage industry.




















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