OSCOO Won Best Emerging SSD Brand in India, December 2021

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On December 17, 2021, Shenzhen OSCOO Technology Co., Ltd. won the "2021 Best Emerging SSD Brand" award from DT India. This is the fourth award since the OSCOO brand entered the Indian market in 2019.

This award ceremony is an international and professional high-tech industrial achievement award ceremony, which provides a high-quality display platform for the world's scientific and technological innovation enterprises and technological achievements.

Sanjay, India business director, said in his acceptance speech: "We are very honored to be named the best emerging brand. The brand award means that the high quality that the company has always insisted on has been recognized, which will enhance consumers' confidence in the OSCOO brand!"

Looking back on the past three years, since it first entered India in 2019, users did not have a high awareness of the OSCOO brand. By 2021, the brand has entered the vision of Indian consumers to the greatest extent. OSCOO has beautifully completed the rapid growth of the brand in a market.

As a national high-tech enterprise, relying on the advantages of quality and innovation, OSCOO will take its self-developed products to the international road under the guidance of China-India National Technology and Culture Transfer Center. We firmly believe that high-quality brands come from consistent persistence!

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