OSCOO Outdoor Team Building--Brave The Winds and Waves, Make A Better Future

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OSCOO organized a outdoor team building event on 18 th May,2024 to build a relaxed and lively team atmosphere, promote communication and cooperation among the stuff , stimulate employee's teamwork ability and innovative spirit.

Greenway Cycling : Enjoy The Beautiful Seascape
Experience the beauty of the sea while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle .

Outdoor Cooking : A Day of Culinary Delight
Outdoor cooking is to bring the stuff together for a delightful day of cooking and eating , and enhance team collaboration at the same time.

Team Building Games: Strengthening Bonds and Fostering Fun
OSCOO team building games provide a unique opportunity for our stuff to connect, work together while having fun and relexing on the beach.

Through this outdoor team building event, we have left behind many beautiful memories . Store the good memories with OSCOO portable SSD model MD006, safe for your pictures,videos,documents,ect.

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